Wormwood is comprised of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Christina Willatt and multi-instrumentalist/producer Andrew Wenaus. Originally from Saskatchewan, Canada the band is currently situated in London, Ontario. The impetus for the group stems from the members’ ambivalence towards the overwhelming sense of ubiquity and simultaneity in contemporary pop culture: beauty and mystery, simplicity and chaos, pleasure and angst, responsibility and fantasy, group heterarchy and the haunting of celebrity hierarchy. These tensions are expressed in both the form and content of the songs. The result is a combination of melodic lyricism with bursts of rapid-fire rhythmic precision, a conflation of traditional song writing combed through and capturing bursts and bits from the excessive mediascape. This is not simply the representation of eclecticism and syncretism in contemporary recording arts, but rather an affective response to the anxiety and ecstasy of the acceleration of pop art and information. Their 2013 debut album Sunfloating was received with critical acclaim. Their EP Microdot is the first in a series of Microdot EPs . The band is currently working on a second full-length album.  

Wormwood - Microdot
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