One day The Young Vish was sitting outside a hostel in a very remote place reading Werner Herzog’s Conquest of the Useless when suddenly all of nature shivered. (The Young Vish is Joe Sacksteder is a Midwesterner—and this was a new experience for him.) Unharmed, he looked back at his book, and the very next sentence was “Lord Almighty, send us an earthquake.” 

The 17-track Fugitive Traces collages Herzog’s audio commentary with electronic, rock, and chamber music. Fugitive Traces is an homage to the Ecstatic Truth and a critique of the Accountant’s Truth—The Young Vish never really knew love until that head rolled off and kept counting in Aguirre, the Wrath of God, but Herzog also does things like bring about the deaths of ten thousand rats during the filming of Nosferatu and then claim "We lost not one."

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Release date: September 5, 2016 (on the occasion of Werner Herzog's 74th birthday)

Click above to view the Fugitive Traces Digital Booklet (Open-Access)

Click above to view the Fugitive Traces Digital Booklet (Open-Access)

Other musicians on Fugitive Traces include: Mark Dickson / Nests on guitar, mandolin, and bass, Chris Westhoff on guitar, Brian DiBlassio on some of the piano, and Hannah Robbins on cello.

Tracks from Fugitive Traces previously appeared on the websites of Quarterly WestSleepingfishThe Collagist, Queen Vic Knives, and textsound. Joe Sacksteder’s fiction, poetry, and film reviews can be found on The RumpusHobartBoothDreginaldPassages North, and elsewhere.

Vapid Babble video shot by Veronika Spalajkovic.

Album art designed by Quemadura.