Shivery Shakes

It's not often that a band can so thoughtfully represent their influences while creating something wholly their own. The jangly guitar driven surf pop from Shivery Shakes builds upon paisley 1960s rock n' roll with a neon-laced 1990s aesthetic for a sound that defies nostalgia. Their latest single is a lesson on how to understand what came before while creating something distinct for this particular time.

With cutting lyrics and crisp guitar, William Glosup brings nuance and depth to songs on universal themes. Shivery Shakes sing about relationships and getting fucked up while avoiding the cliche pitfalls that surround such topics. Marcus Haddon provides some unflinching percussion while pulling writing and vocal duties as well. Their harmonies, along with bassist Andrew Penmer and guitarist Jack Thornton, will force you to bop and sway along with the band.

Their double 7" flexi disc, featuring singles "Sidewalk Talk" and "So Long," is the inaugural release from Punctum Records. Shivery Shakes will also release their LP debut, The Waves and a Shake on Punctum Records and Austin Town Hall Records later this fall.