Ryan Sambol - Now Ritual

1. A Human Being
2. Dinner Where I'm Staying
3. She Who Rarely Hears Her Full Name
4. Amazing Rain
5. Pop Song
6. It Has
7. December 20 Thirst
8. Unknown Unknown Known

Ryan Sambol - Now Ritual
Recorded in San Francisco in 2012
Release date: July 24, 2015
12" vinyl or CD

Living Grateful - Peace Mob

1. I Will Be
2. James Not
3. Birthright
4. Diamond Young
5. Sleepwell
6. A Peer
7. Born Begun
8. Brownstone Gals
9. How Far Is Far
10. Most Recent Moment
11. Assumption Fair
12. Rue End

Living Grateful - Peace Mob
Ryan Sambol, Chris Catalena, Greg Enlow, Geena Spigarelli, Casey Seymour
Recorded in 2013 in Austin, TX
Release date: July 24, 2015
12" vinyl or CD
Cover photo by Ali Copeland

Ryan Sambol - After Lunch

Ryan Sambol
After Lunch
7" vinyl
Recorded at Bob's Magic Music
in Marrakesh, Morocco
in 2013
Release date: 7/24/15

Ryan Sambol began his career in Texas at an early age with a group called The Strange Boys, who, over three albums in five years, enjoyed moderate success and cut their teeth over two continents. With a chance to take a break, Ryan recorded his first solo album, Now Ritual, while living in San Francisco. 

Two years later, Ryan reemerged with the group Living Grateful, only to take a break upon the completion of the album Peace Mob and, predictably to those close to him, has now returned to embark on a solo career a long time in the making. He is currently working on his second solo album, so far entitled Rail Sing



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Cover photo by Henry?

Photos by Sam E