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Mother Falcon - Dirty Summer
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Mother Falcon has, since 2007, struggled and oscillated between being a band and a collective, a concept and a practice, and all manners of genres. Based more around a network of complex relationships and a democratic ethos than any singular vision or goal, the band's swirling and shifting process has yielded a style of music best described by simply listing the instrumentation: cellos, violins, trumpet, saxophones, accordion, bassoon, classical guitar, banjo, drums, bass, piano... What began as a jam session among high school symphonic band and orchestra students eager to break out of their traditional repertoire has persistently evolved over the years, producing one EP, two full-length albums, several collaborations, and, finally, the beginnings of a touring career.

Mother Falcon's debut EP, Still Life, was released in early 2010 and spawned the Austin hit "Marigold." Their first full-length, Alhambra, was released in February 2011 to immediate raves, and now the band has released their acclaimed sophomore album, You Knew. NPR premiered the first track off the album, “Dirty Summer,” naming the band an "Artist To Discover At SXSW 2013." The orchestral-rock ensemble won over audiences with a string of intense performances, resulting in NPR Music including the band in “Bob Boilen’s 15 Essential Moments From SXSW 2013.”

Since the 14-18 piece outfit began touring in the summer of 2013, they've been met with overwhelmingly positive response on both coasts and through the Midwest. 

The "Dirty Summer" record is an artifact of sorts. The A-side is the original mix of "Dirty Summer," and the version that grabbed the attention of a handful of music critics at NPR—a rather critical moment in the band's recent growth. The B-side is a re-recording of "Alligator Teeth," a song from the band's previous album, Alhambra. This version was in many ways an experiment geared toward preparing the band for You Knew, and for some time it was uncertain whether or not it would ever see the light of day. With the help of Punctum Records, Mother Falcon is thrilled to finally be able to share these songs.