Lomelda is an art rock band from Waco, TX. Their sound features strong female vocals, loose spacey guitars, and intricate emotional percussion. Lead by the songwriting of Hannah Read, the group creates music that is both accessible and exploratory, nostalgic and challenging. Read’s simple guitar stylings range from mellow, woody rhythmic patterns to heavy droning textures, while the dynamic drumming of Zach Daniel adds weight to the subtleties of the songs.

Their live show lifts and lowers and invites you to lean in close. Feel something. Be patient. Get together. Take a heavy breath. Remember when you found a photo of your grandpa, your dad’s dad, the one you never met. He leans against the doorframe of the family cabin deep in the piney woods, a camera hanging around his neck, waiting to capture the kids’ model rocket launch but instead being captured himself, all denim and swagger at age 36, a year before his death. It’s gone — all of it. But you can still hold it in your hand. Or tear it up or burn it. Or frame it.

It’s nostalgic, heavy, and personal.
It’s pop­sensitive, soul drone, sentimental space rock.

Lomelda’s first full length album — Forever — documents a collection of some specific moments that seem to hold it all. In hindsight, of course. As inspired by geography and potamology, the album moves you from place to place and flows from song to song.