Little Lo began making music in 2010. Starting out in acoustic Austin house shows, the band has made radical developments focusing on synthesizer based rock songs that create a momentum to draw the listener’s ear. Realizing the heavy role that electronics play in musical performance and recording, singer/songwriter Ryan McGill uses his electrical engineering background to modify the group's instruments and equipment, producing the sonic textures that the band requires. Female vocalist, Bailey Glover, who works as a choir director when not performing in Little Lo, brings strong harmonies that a create a signature sound in the band’s songs. 

Little Lo strives to write songs with The Cure and Tom Petty’s pop sensibility that are sonically filtered by 60’s era recording techniques heard in the sound of The Velvet Underground then dipped in a Brian Eno synthesizer soundscape. 

The group's upcoming LP was recorded with grammy award winning engineer and producer Stuart Sikes (Loretta Lynn, The White Stripes, Cat Power, Modest Mouse). The album’s title track, "Verberation View," will be on a 7” split with Brooklyn rockers, TAFT.