Jess Williamson

Sincerity and raw emotion reverberate throughout Jess Williamson’s unhurried songs. Her spare instrumentation weaves strands of banjo and electric guitar with cello, dobro, and percussion alongside her commanding but controlled voice. Many of her songs tell stories, with the music persisting as a partner to lyrics that build haunting and specific, yet relatable, images.

Returning to her hometown of Austin from a stretch studying photography in New York City, Jess slowed her life to reconnect with the deep, natural beauty of Texas. She found that the still and quiet of her world allowed her to better hear her own musical voice.

Jess Williamson writes about loss and healing, introspection and concomitance with the natural world, songs about her own life and the lives of those close to her. But perhaps most impressive in her writing is how she turns these ideas into distinct objects that allow the audience to connect with each sound and phrase.