Dwight Smith developed his catalog of songs over a decade of roaming The Americas--from the timbered hills and coastal wetlands of his native New England to the fire-swept chaparral of California; from Alaska’s snow hooded peaks to the jungle-steeped, ruin-littered sierras of Peru--an itinerant bard in restless pursuit of creative communion as antidote to modern specters of estrangement and spiritual atrophy, rallying towards exaltation in shared catharsis. The amoebic orbit of Smith’s voice swings between the gravities of Jeff Mangum, David Longstreth, and Tim Kasher, while his peculiar chord diction and picking style recall such disparate influences as Seu Jorge, Erik Satie, and Nick Drake. 

His work, which combines elements of indie folk and baroque pop, has been called "haunting and delightful" (Terrascope) and "a fascinating personal take on folk" (Folk World). His upcoming split with Monté on Punctum Records will be his first release since 2012’s Lateral Drifts (Twin Lakes).

photo by Jared Bullis