Cory Allen - The Source

Cory Allen - The Source
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Release Date: June 30, 2015

Side A
Divine Waves
White Wings
Side B
Neon Mandalas
Crown Canal

Cory Allen's new album, The Source, travels to a place where avant-garde composition, free jazz drums, and eastern mysticism merge as one. Across the span of four long form pieces, the music shifts from lush string sections and gongs to passionate free drumming and Rhodes piano, to the meditative drones of Hammond organ, tanpura, and harmonium. 

These works were composed using performance rules, pitch pools, and guided improvisation in a musical style Allen refers to as psychedelic minimalism. The sessions for The Source were superbly captured at three different studios in Austin: Estuary Recording Facility, Stuck On On, and Altered Ear.

Cory Allen is an avant-garde composer and mastering engineer living in Austin, Texas. His work focuses on the manipulation of human perception with the intent of altering the listener's state of consciousness. Allen's music is deep, patient, meditative, highly conceptual and often composed by implementing self-organizing structures, rules-based performances, and set pitch classes. The Wire Magazine has called his work 'elegant', while Was Ist Das says it's 'perfectly crafted' and an 'artistic engineering achievement.'

Cory's work has been featured by the BBC, WDR3 Germany, Australia’s ABC Radio National, Wire Magazine, The American Music Center, Fluid Radio, Alarm Press, Tokafi, and many others. His work has been presented by the Austin Museum of Art, MTV, SXSW Film Festival, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and more. For his work Exedra, Allen was awarded a residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts.