Out Today: 4E*, a solo performance of Lomelda's Forever

Six months following the release of Lomelda's boundless debut album, Forever, lead Hannah Read releases a solo performance of the record entitled 4E*. Music from 4E* premiered this week on Freeform Portland and Gold Flake Paint.

An excerpt from Gold Flake Paint:
"Indeed, such is the quiet, sweeping power of this recording that it feels like something strikingly, powerfully, new altogether. Read’s voice was always a stirring catalyst but here it rises to formidable new heights. Steeped in antiquity, fired by the very human heart at its core, it tells these stories with all the bluster of the great country that so informs them."

Download the album below or stream it on Soundcloud

More on Lomelda at lomelda.net

Lomelda - 4E*

by Lomelda
a solo rendition of Forever

Track Listing
1. Brazos River*
2. Spiritual Health*
3. Columbia River*
4. New Age Lines*
5. Miles*
6. Late Dawn*
7. The Fear*
8. Forever*
9. Universe*

release date: 4/22/16