Out Today: Bedroom Tapes, Volume One by Julia Lucille

Julia Lucille - Bedroom Tapes, Volume One

At every new moon over the course of the year, Julia Lucille wrote and for what would be come the first volume of her Bedroom Tapes project. The songs include some field recordings from Julia's home at the time, a remote ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas, chronicling cicadas in the trees and other sounds of the wilderness.

Julia Lucille - Bedroom Tapes, Vol. 1
1. Indian Orchards
2. Darkening
3. The Corn
4. Night
5. Sunrise
6. Moonrise
7. Devotion
8. A Little Jolt
9. Buying Incesnse and Tea
10. Talk
11. Pretty, Nameless
12. Wine Blue Ocean

Special edition cassette, limited run of 50
Release Date: February 5, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Julia Lucille
Artwork by Garrett DeRossett

“You have to decide to matter…If you want life to feel meaningful, you have to do those things that provoke that experience. And if for you one of those things is writing or painting or singing or what have you, then you are doing it not just to make a thing, not just to have a performance, you are doing it so that you can have the experience of meaning.” --Eric Maisel

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