Announcing the Reissue of Homing by Julia Lucille

Punctum Records is thrilled to announce the reissue of Homing by Julia Lucille!

About the album by the artist:

"I wrote the songs on Homing during a really quiet year I spent living in California. I had gone to school in Portland, and when I graduated I was dealing with intense depression that kept me, for the most part, in bed. I finally decided to move in the hopes of jump starting myself out of it. In California, I continued to live in a very insular way, emotionally and socially. I spent most of my time alone and would only see one close friend. But what happened that year was really interesting. I spent lots of time in the California hills, which have these giant views of the coastline, golden, sweet smelling grasses and low, green bushes. And in the late afternoon, the sun pours across it all, you cannot help but feel enlivened and feel a great big sense of perspective and thankfulness. The landscape taught me vital lessons—that I was complete, that I didn’t have to become someone else, someone more impressive, that other people’s opinions didn't matter with regards to my art, only my own conscience. I started to see that my depression had been linked to feeling artistically paralyzed. Once I had spent long stretches of time being quiet in my own life, I began to make art in a much more peaceful and self-loving way. Those first songs that I wrote after this very personal revolution are the songs on Homing. 

While writing these songs, I had the distinct feeling that I had come into contact with this inner compass and was able to slowly turn it and point it, and because of that, to begin to build something real for the very first time. It was powerful! For me this album is really the seed of my own unique musical world. I see it as the bare bones of my personal musicality. The stripped down beginning of where I am going to."

Homing was originally released in December of 2012. This reissue immediately precedes the release, later this January, of Julia Lucille's Bedroom Tapes Volume One, a collection of songs written over several months during each new moon. Look for more information on the new release soon.

Homing track listing:

1. Orchards
2. Loyal
3. Homing
4. No Questions Asked
5. Interlude No. 1
6. California
7. Tell Me How it Feels
8. Validation
9. Miss Those Parties
10. Interlude No. 2
11. V. Woolf
12. Happiness