Secret Show featuring RF Shannon

Friday, May 1st, in collaboration with Annie Street Arts Collective, we will present a secret show on Snake Island in Austin, TX with the sound of dusk, RF Shannon. Where is Snake Island? Here's a map:

made by Adam Torres

We encourage you to bring your own floatation device to join us on the island, though we will be doing some ferrying via canoe from the peninsula direct south of the island. The closest landmark is the HI Austin youth hostel on Lakeshore Blvd.

Here is the lineup for evening, all times approximate.
7:30-8:15-JORDAN MOSER
8:30-9:15-ADAM TORRES
9:30-10:15-RF SHANNON
10:30-11:15-JESSE WOODS

Please feel free to bring picnic materials for island living. While there is no strict charge for the event, we will be collecting donations to help build Jaguar Palace, the forthcoming full length album from RF Shannon.

The secret show will feature additional wonders that will remain a secret until they are revealed at the show.