Ryan Sambol partners with Punctum Records

After touring two continents and releasing three albums as The Strange Boys, Ryan Sambol began working on and recording new material both as a solo project and with the band Living Grateful. In 2012, he completed the solo LP Now Ritual while living in San Francisco. The Living Grateful album, Peace Mob, was made in Austin during the summer of 2013. In addition, Ryan recorded After Lunch, a session at Bob's Magic Music in Morocco, in 2013. Currently, Ryan Sambol is in the studio completing the new record Rail Sing.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Ryan Sambol and the Forever Wet Paint Company as we prepare release this archive of work. Details on the albums are coming soon. Ryan Sambol performs at Mohawk in Austin, TX this Thursday, March 5th, before embarking on a European tour. More details can be found at http://punctumrecords.com/ryansambol