Punctum Records announces Studium, launches Kickstarter campaign

Kickstarter Campaign: Let's Build Studium

Punctum Records is working to open Studium - a collaborative gallery, event, and retail space in East Austin.

In our first year, Punctum Records has brought together a vibrant community of independent musical artists, as well as sound and noise artists and theorists, and also scholars of musicology, sound art, and performance in order to develop new platforms for the cultivation and fostering of a radically new sonic collective devoted to publishing work from around the world on an array of formats -- from mp3 file to CD to vinyl record to cassette tape to flash-drive to e-zine to print book and beyond -- and to staging musical and sonic art+theory events around the country. At a moment when information-noise overload meets a flattening out of channels and platforms for the sustainable dissemination of music, sonic art, and theory, Punctum Records is placing a wager on the label, or publishing house, as an important domain for a collective-activist experiment in constructing new tools and outlets for the sustainability of our cultural commons.

While we labor to conduct this experiment with partners here in the US and abroad, Austin, Texas remains the important nerve center and communal home-base for our work. So this summer we had an idea: let's create a new space for musical, cultural, and intellectual synergies and happenings here in Austin. Somewhere we can gather to work and share ideas and develop projects, and in the process foster a more sustainable community. A place that would also be a shop for records and books, and an events-space.

The name Studium refers to the surrounding and context, the space for reflection and creating and the arts of interpretation, but also the cultural "middle ground" between artists and their audience. A kind of counterpart to Punctum, the subject, the arrow, a mark made by a pointed instrument, the point of impact, the time of the Now.

The idea developed into a collaboration with other groups in Austin who are devoted to being part of a new cultural commons: Byron & Blue who purvey handmade goods and vintage items, Wright Bros. Brew & Brew, who curate artisanal coffee and beer, andAttendance Records, who are devoted to bringing the musical arts back into the public classroom. All together, we hope to make Studium a comprehensive space for the creative, the skillful, and the intrepid. Along with our counterpart, punctum books, we want to create a unique showcase for work by independent presses and labels (such as Open Humanities PressA Strange ObjectMelville HouseBlack Balloon PublishingModern Outsider, and Mama Bird Recording Co.), whose work and daring we admire. Think post-punk psychedelic garage band meets continental philosophy meets weird fiction meets the environmental humanities meets underground cassette culture. We found our location in East Austin, at 908 E 5th St., and have started the teardown and buildout. Now we need you. A contribution to this Kickstarter will go toward Punctum's establishment of Studium, helping us to defray the cost of labor and materials and stock needed to bring this space into being.