Lost Age by The Mole People is OUT NOW!

The Mole People's debut LP, Lost Age, is out TODAY on Punctum Records. As a release day special, all orders today will receive the special edition translucent orange vinyl.

The record, a 100% analog creation by The Mole People and producer Paul Millar, reflects two years of production work to bring to vinyl. The attention to detail can be heard at every dreamy, raucous interval. This album also marks Punctum Records' first 12" vinyl release.

Order online now for the special edition vinyl or join us on Saturday, August 16th at Spider House Ballroom for the release event featuring performances by The Mole People, Big Bill, Those Howlings, and Slow. Presented by Folklorica and Punctum Records, the show will also feature a light show by The Mustachio Light Show, readings by Source Tarot, hand art by Folklorica, and booths by both Punctum and Attendance Records.

The Mole People - Lost Age
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