New Song and Technical Notes from the forthcoming Mole People LP!

Listen to Lightnin', the second advanced track from The Mole People's Lost Age, out on vinyl and CD August 12th.

Technical Notes on the creation of the record from Bug Sound's Paul Millar, producer of the forthcoming LP.


The Mole People's album Lost Age was recorded and mixed entirely on old equipment, employing classical analog production techniques. No computers were used. We hope this has endowed it with a special organic quality familiar to us from records of the last century.

The basic tracks (without vocals or overdubbed parts) were cut live in Travis Beall's Flabby Road studio in East Austin and the tapes, recorded on Fostex 8 track and Teac 16 track recorders, were taken to BUG SOUND for razor-blade editing, overdubbing and further experimentation.

Ben Seligson added some piano glue into many of the tracks with the studio's vintage Wurlitzer EP and Paul played Moog synthesizers on "Next Summer" and "(Memo From) Lightnin'." Two tapes playing the same recording simultaneously were used to create the flanging effects heard in "Exploding" and "Someday Is Gonna Be Mine." A multi-layered arrangement of white noise, Korg Polysix and Polymoog pads provided the ethereal phase-shifting backdrop to "Coming Back To Life." [Ben Seligson and Art Levy's guitar overdubs, along with vocals by all five Mole People were also recorded and treated at BUG SOUND.]* 

At the conclusion of the recording phase, the tracks were all mixed down to an Otari quarter inch reel-to-reel, the mixes were edited together in the proper sequence, and the master reels were sent to Aardvark Mastering in Colorado where the album was transferred to a master lacquer disc without ever being digitized. The audio you receive on vinyl is a direct physical analogue of the sounds that we made and heard!

*Note from The Mole People frontman Joshua Gamma