Microdot by Wormwood out today on Punctum Records

Wormwood, comprised of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Christina Willatt and multi-instrumentalist/producer Andrew Wenaus, is an anthemic electronic duo from London, Ontario. Their sound is perhaps best described by Jim DiGioia of Quick Before it Melts: "if 18th century ghosts haunted 21st century dance clubs, they'd probably sound exactly like Wormwood." 

The duo's striking sound combines elements of pop, post-rock, folk, punk, noise, classical, electronica, bebop, avant-garde, IDM, and film sound design. Wormwood's debut album Sunfloating (2013) received positive reviews on No Fear of PopChartAttackQuick Before it MeltsGreyowl PointThe Green Majority, and Open til MidnightSunfloating won the "Forest City Fan Favourite Award" at the 2013 CHRW Local Album of the Year Awards in London, Ontario. The album was included in the Top 30 Albums of 2013 in the Toronto electronic indie magazine Silent Shout, and the song "Leaves Like Lemons" was included on the magazine's Top 100 Songs of 2013. 

Wormwood's new album, Microdotis now available from Punctum Records (http://www.punctumrecords.com/shop/wormwood-microdot-cd). The band is also beginning work on a second full-length album.

Wormwood will celebrate the release on Thursday night at The Silent Barn in Brooklyn as part of The Punctum Records Lost Weekend.