Dispatches from the Jess Williamson + RF Shannon Tour, Day 7

Andrew Stevens writes to us as the tour heads out of California:

Today is our first real drive since we landed in LA last Thursday. It's nice to all be in the van together for an extended period after five days of a pretty scattered schedule involving two tapings, our night in san diego, lots and lots of 'beach juice' (coconut rum and coke), air mattresses, burritos, throwing sticks for our host's dog, and some really great shows. We were all super stoked on the house show we played Saturday night. the mood was so perfect and it was well attended with a drunk but attentive and affectionate audience. It was the best of all worlds and both bands played our best show of the tour, at least until last night.

Bardot is a super posh nightclub crammed into a historic theater called The Avalon. The other bands were super polished pop bands and since we got there on time (ie: early) we got to witness their sound-checks. Needless to say, we felt a little out of place, at least until the lights came down an RF Shannon played the absolute most perfect set. Everyone was floored. The sound was perfect. There were 80 people listening in rapt silence. Man it was good. The Jess Williamson Blues Explosion (our joke band name) also played a great set. Jess was interviewed by a very enthusiastic journalism class from a local university, and Shane was interviewed by a woman who couldn't understand how a band without a single release could get by without some sort of online presence. Today we awarded Shane with the Jeff Renfro Memorial Band Member of the Day Award for his exceptional display of spiritual fortitude.

Here is a photo of him accepting the award.