Dispatches from the Jess Williamson + RF Shannon World Tour, Day 6

Tonight Jess Williamson and RF Shannon play their final California set of the tour, Bardot's School Night, before two shows in Arizona. Andrew Stevens write to us from the road:

Yesterday was san diego, and our first drive since Valentines Day. Tonight is our last night in LA. Tomorrow is Phoenix.

San Diego was nice! Dave showed Jess and me how to body surf. The Pacific sure is cold but one loses the sensation in ones outer extremities fairly rapidly so we were able to stay in for a while. Our new friend Kelsey booked the show at a very nice bar and we all had a great time! They were playing great country music all night after the bands (David Allen Coe, Dolly Parton, Bob Wills: the whole gamut). Our friend Callie sang with us also, which makes sense, as she is the cello player and backup singer on the record. We had hotel rooms! With beds and everything!

We are currently taping a few songs on our hosts' beautiful terraced backyard before our last show tonight. The sun is setting, and we have a beautiful view behind us. We are all going to miss LA's sunny vistas, colorful denizens and burrito shops, but we are excited to be back in Arizona and on the way home.