Dispatches from the Jess Williamson + RF Shannon World Tour, Day 4

From Andrew Stevens, upon arriving in LA:

So sorry I didn't update y'all yesterday, it was our day off.

Some of us went to the beach, some of us saw old friends. I hiked from downtown LA to where sunset turns into Santa Monica and drank some whiskey in a bike shop. This place is really different from our burgeoning bourgeois college city: more grit and concrete, jurassic looking plants and stairs everywhere. The people are louder, too, minding everyone else's business. It bustles like New York, but where New Yorkers keep their heads down, commuting as efficiently as possible, Los Angeleans take up the whole sidewalk, turning their projected selves sideways to accommodate other's passing egos. It also appears to me that LA has a one to one ratio of billboards to liquor stores.

Our Silverlake Lounge show was well attended, and we are currently drinking free beer and bottled water courtesy of the sponsors at the Jam in the Van taping we are about to do. The concept is easy: we play a few songs in a van.

Tonight we are playing a house party in the neighborhood, tomorrow is San Diego, and Monday night is our last in LA before we head homeward.