Dispatches from the Jess Williamson + RF Shannon World Tour, Day 1

Currently riding through America's expansive western states, Jess Williamson and RF Shannon are playing 10 shows in 11 days to support the recently released Native State and forthcoming Hunting Songs records. Tonight they'll be at Club Congress in Tuscon and tomorrow they play The Silverlake Lounge in LA.

Members of the bands will be sharing their experiences from the road for when possible. First, from Andrew Stevens:

Greetings from the Jess Williamson/RF Shannon road team.

We have just begun our second day of the tour and are driving the vast shrubby expanse of West Texas from Marfa to Tuscon, AZ. We are excited by the concept of time travel, and the extra hour of daylight that Mountain Time will grant us. Spirits are high; We've just drawn names for our secret 'pal-entines' gift exchange in LA.

We had a very good first day of tour: Jeff drove us through the first 3 or so hours of freezing rain between Fredericksburg and Sonora, during which we saw several overturned semis and trailers and Jeff solidified his early lead in the running for the esteemed 'band member of the day' award. We stayed at a friend of a friend's house, as the tenants were out of town. No one locks their doors in Marfa, we discovered. Austin's wife, Taylor, had made a bunch of delicious food to send with us, and dinner was based around a brisket that Dave had marinated all day in the van.

They gave us free Lonestar all night at The Lost Horse and when our surrogate hostess came over after the show we drank more Lonestar and listened to records. In the morning we only misplaced 2 toothbrushes and one dog. We got the dog back but the toothbrushes were a lost cause.

And impressions from Shane Renfro:

Hello. I was thinking about the sentence:

The earth needed something to hold on to while it steadied itself.

Mountain Passing Time Zone,
We cross as spies on the two-hearted,
And sing of we know not what is yet to come,

I hold my guitar as a gnarled root, twisting deeply through some collective kiva,
Hotel Congress, expose the money changers, nay sayers, bring us home the
further we go! Good for the sleeping, better for the awake.

Well we lost two tooth brushes and a dog named lucy,

Found the lost horse of Marfa and the road to Tuscon,
Desert lumineres,
Someday UNESCO will translate the GREAT WORK into French.

I quit thinking so much and tried to pray. Day one done day two how are you?