A Look Back at TAFT's Intarsia, Wendy

Ramping up to the February 2015 release of TAFT's debut LP, here's a look back at the tracks on their 2013 EP. Today the final track, Wendy.

Wendy is the most lyrically intensive song of Intarsia, chronicling a relationship across three verses. The images for the story fell together pretty naturally. It was (strangely) easy to reach for images of crop circles and heart attacks and pair them in the same breath with dirty canvas shoes, biblically portentous snakes, and the act of hitch-hiking. I didn’t worry too much about any of that, it all felt right. A large amount of time, however, was given to arranging the rhythm section of this song so that each verse felt like an arrival to another level of excitement. I knew that I wanted the guitars to be like a fencing match happening in the song, guiding the energy ever forward. The drums took some time, and ultimately we relied on multi-tracking to achieve the sort of dynamism that I felt was necessary. An unrealized music video for Wendy would have featured many booties shaking to the Second Line style drums in the second and third verses. On a side note, to my surprise, Wendy has proven to live just as happily performed on stage as it does in the recorded context.