A Look Back At TAFT's Intarsia: Dizzy

As we prepare for the forthcoming full length debut from TAFT, we're looking back at his first EP, Intarsia. Here we explore the second track, Dizzy.

From frontman Taft Mashburn:

Dizzy went through endless re-writes before it reached its final iteration. I won’t say that I wrote the song for sleigh-bells, but I definitely had an intentional space in mind. Sort of a combination of what it’s like to watch snowfall from your window at night paired with a kind of hazed euphoria. For my childhood self, Christmas Eve caught a perfect tension between these two things: the end of year stillness of the one and the complete crazed self-abandon of the other. So in a bizarre way, the song has a strange, but uncomplicated, relationship to the holidays for me. Layered vocals played a pretty big role in realizing this vibe as well. The openness of the form really lets the voices take up this huge expanse, kind of like a sacred space.