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 Yume Cyan, Last Dance of the Fairies, Nagoya City, Japan (June 2013)

 Yume CyanLast Dance of the Fairies, Nagoya City, Japan (June 2013)

Art must become an acoustic ecology. Noticing the landscape of objects, the relationships, the environment itself, in order to compose the music of tomorrow. Let the song of vibrant matter sing itself. A science of vibration to tap into the Unsound . . . .

~Andreas Burckhardt, A Sanctuary of Sounds

punctum books has recently launched a sound-impress — punctum records — partly as an experiment in what might happen if a para-academic publisher and collective of writers and theorists teamed up with independent musicians, sound & noise artists, and sound theorists, especially at a moment when information-noise overload meets a flattening out of channels and platforms for the sustainable dissemination of music, sonic art, and theory. punctum records is placing a wager on the sound label + publishing house as an important domain for a collectivist-activist experiment in the construction of what Ivan Illich called “tools for conviviality,” and for developing sound- and thought-styles that would “give priority to the protection, the maximum use, and the enjoyment of … personal energy under personal control.” In addition, punctum has recently engaged in a number of multimedia publishing ventures with NYC-based artists and theorists that seek to cultivate and foster collaborative, multi-modal engagements across disciplines and also public cultural sites, such as:

  • The Funambulist Pamphlets, a series of small books on design and architecture, edited by Léopold Lambert and archiving articles published on The Funambulist — published as part of the Documents Initiative imprint of the Center for Transformative Media, Parsons The New School for Design, a transdisciplinary media research initiative bridging design and the social sciences, and dedicated to the exploration of the transformative potential of emerging technologies upon the foundational practices of everyday life across a range of settings.
  • In Divisible Cities, by Dominic Pettman — a phanto-cartographical missive and work of incoherent geography, which we released this August in a triptych of formats: as open-access PDF text, as print edition, and as an interactive web-book designed by Alli Crandellindivisiblecities.com.
  • Making the Geologic Now: Responses to Material Conditions of Contemporary Life, also released in open-access PDF & print for, as well as a web-book (also designed by Alli Crandell) — this collection circulates images and short essays from over 40 artists, designers, architects, scholars, and journalists who are actively exploring and creatively responding to the geologic depth of “now.”
  • The Petroleum Manga, by Marina Zurkow, first conceived of and rendered as 10-foot banners printed on Tyvek for gallery installation, is now a book (forthcoming), which will compile a curious array of imaginative-philosophical texts by a variety of authors illuminating, illustrating, fabulating, and riffing upon a wide range of petrochemical-based objects and ideas along the lines of a fanciful petro-poetics.
  • And Another Thing, edited by Katherine Behar and Emmy Mikelson, is an expanded exhibition catalog (forthcoming) chronicling how artists have used thingness to eschew the human subject’s privilege. Curators Behar and Mikelson locate an emergent object-oriented sensibility in art practices of the 1960s to the present, which mirror recent developments in contemporary philosophy, such as object-oriented ontology, speculative realism, and the new materialisms.
  • Flash + Cube (1965-1975), by Marget Long, an artist’s book about the Sylvania flashcube — the space-aged, flash photography device, revolutionary in 1965 and nearly obsolete by 1975. Assembled from a wide range of archival materials — a “terrorist letter,” G.I. photographs from Vietnam, Sylvania flashcube advertisements, as well as Long’s photographs and photomontages — the book explores the links between light, war, history and photography.

THEREFORE, punctum and the Center for Transformative Media, Parsons The New School for Design, are co-hosting A Rogue Frequency on Saturday, September 28th, from 5:30-8:00 pm @Kellen Auditorium,Sheila C. Johnson Design Center (66 Fifth Avenue), to celebrate the launch of punctum records and to feature a reading/sound/music mashup with musical artist Taft, plus Katherine Behar + Emmy Mikelson,Jamie “Skye” Bianco, Andreas Burckhardt (author of punctum’s A Sanctuary of Sounds), Léopold Lambert, Marget Long, Dominic Pettman, AW Strouse, and Marina Zurkow. Books will be available for purchase and there will also be a reception. The Facebook page for the event is HERE.

And for those who are interested, on Friday, September 27th, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, punctum will also be hosting (with the BABEL Working Group and The Graduate Center, CUNY) Critical/Liberal/Arts, a symposium exploring practices from inside and outside of the university that might be counted among the new arts of critique, or new modes of critical invention, and featuring presentations from Ammiel Alcalay, Jamie “Skye” Bianco, the Hollow Earth Society (Ethan Gould + Wythe Marschall), Bruce Holsinger, Eleanor Johnson, Eirik Steinhoff, AW Strouse, Henry Turner, Michael Witmore, and Marina Zurkow + Una Chaudhuri. More information HERE.

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