Sound Art/New Publishing Collaborations @The Public School New York

 Sound Art Panel Discussion with Punctum Books

Saturday, September 28, 2:00 PM
155 Freeman St.
Brooklyn, NY 11222

The Public School and punctum books are proud to present a panel discussion on experimental music, sound art, and new publishing collaborations at a time when media-overload meets the decline of channels and platforms for the sustainable dissemination of music, sonic art, and theory.

As the economic picture for the sustainability of authors and artists worsens, the music and publishing industries find themselves in a state of perilous flux. Economic certainty has greatly decreased while technological possibilities have vastly increased. This panel will explore new possibilities for collaboration between musicians, sound artists, multimedia authors, and theorists, as well as new publishing arrangements created out of the instability of music and book publishing industries at this time.

Panelists include Andreas Burckhardt (author of A Sanctuary of Sounds), Eve Essex (ISSUE Project Room+Art International Radio), Eileen Joy (punctum books), Megan Moncrief (Lazurite), and Dan Rudmann (punctum records).

More details HERE.