Dana Falconberry / Some Say Leland - After
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A collaborative release between Annie Street Arts Collective and Punctum Records by Dana Falconberry and Some Say Leland

This special lathe cut album will be available only through October 2nd. Once orders are collected, each split 7" will be individually lathe cut by hand onto clear polycarbonate squares. Lathe cut records are a collector's dream because of their unique quality and very limited runs. A slightly heavier tone arm is recommended and results will vary from turntable to turntable.

The record will also include a 10x8" 2-color linoleum block print collaboration between Dana Falconberry and Dan Grissom as well as the digital download of the songs. The package is available at $35 and will ship by mid-October.

In addition, a limited run of the linoleum block print is available with the digital audio of the songs by Dana Falconberry and Some Say Leland for $15.

"Learning When To Pull The Reins"
Some Say Leland with Dana Falconberry
written by Dan Grissom

"The Dream"
Dana Falconberry with Some Say Leland
written by Dana Falconberry
Recorded and mixed by Grant Johnson

Mastered by Thomas van der Brook
Lathe cut records by Adam Smith, Audiomatic Mastering

The two bands have been friends and admirers of each other for a long time, and even share one member. It was inevitable that the two groups would, at some point, all get in the same room and record something together, as one huge band. Collaborations can be tricky - it has to be the right combination of people. These two songs fell into place after just one rehearsal and were recorded the very next day. It was like they have been playing together for years.

Release date: 9/18/15
The whole project completed in sweltering August and September 2015 Austin, TX with much love and care. 

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